Kitchen Remodeling
Marin County

Having a new, fully customized kitchen means that you will be able to party with guests and have a party every night with your family! We would be happy to help construct the kitchen of your dreams; one that has everything you want AND all the things you need.
Your kitchen is at the center of your home for a reason – it’s where your family comes together to share meals and create memories. If you want to make sure those memories taste as good as they look, invest in a beautiful, functional kitchen!

Your Team

At Construction Remodeling In Marin County, we offer full-service remodeling.. This includes construction and design services for anything inside or outside of your home – from bathroom remodeling projects to building decks. We only work with the best builders and creatives in Marin County so that we can turn your dreams into a reality.

Our services include:

The first order of business is your kitchen; here are a few things we would like to do:

Your Lighting

Bring a more warm and inviting atmosphere into your kitchen by upgrading your lighting. We can do natural light, or just new lighting systems within your ceiling to give you a better shine and warmth. Modern lighting fixtures add a level of sophistication to your kitchen, and adding in more natural light will give your home a more balanced look in the morning.

Your Countertops

Most people don’t realize that wood countertops are actually not very modern – nowadays, marble, granite and soapstone are much more popular choices. If you’re looking for a countertop that will complement your home’s décor and stand up to daily use, come talk to us – we’d be happy to help you find the perfect option.

Your Kitchen Island

We should always try to be in a state of island time, especially in the kitchen where we spend so much time. If we have the space for an island, or even if we just want an island – we can use it to store materials and make it into a little station for any other miscellaneous goods we might have. Kitchen islands were made to supplement our countertops, and they bring the whole room together.

Your Cabinets

Cabinets: You can either replace them with new, sleeker ones, or you can have the ones you currently have repainted and mounted with new fixtures. You don’t have to break the bank with new cabinets, but for kitchen remodeling – you have to update them.

Your Flooring

Countertops are great, but don’t forget about flooring – it’s what keeps us all grounded – get it? Your kitchen’s flooring has a special quality to it that you won’t find in other room Anything from hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, or vinyl can make a big difference, and will certainly give your kitchen a facelifIf this is sounding too daunting for you – don’t worry! We will send over some of our best experts to give suggestions and help with the construction of your new kitchen.
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