Kitchen Remodeling

The benefits of a new fully customized system include being able to entertain guests or host family events nightly; we can make this happen by helping build the perfect kitchen for YOU that encompasses all wants and needs.
The heart of any home is its kitchen – it’s where people gather to eat, socialize, and bond with one another. There’s nothing quite like enjoying a delicious homemade meal with those you love most, so make sure your kitchen is up to par by investing in beauty and function!

Your Team

We’re the go-to company for anyone needing construction and design services within or outside their home here at Construction Remodeling In Berkeley. Bathroom remodeling? Decks? We do it all! Our team of professional builders and world-class creatives will make your dream designs come true.

Our services include:

Your kitchen is where we will begin; here are the first few things we need to do:

Your Lighting

Add more warmth and atmosphere to your kitchen by upgrading your lighting. We can do natural light, or just new lighting systems within your ceiling to give you a better shine and warmth. Modern lighting fixtures add a level of sophistication to your kitchen, and adding in more natural light will give your home a more balanced look in the morning.

Your Countertops

Most people don’t realize that wood countertops are actually not very modern – nowadays, marble, granite and soapstone are much more popular choices. If you’re looking for a countertop that will complement your home’s décor and stand up to daily use, come talk to us – we’d be happy to help you find the perfect option.

Your Kitchen Island

You can always bring island time into your kitchen. If you have the space for an island, or even if you just want an island – you can use it to store materials and make it into a little station for any other miscellaneous goods you might have. Kitchen islands were made to supplement your countertops, and they bring the whole room together.

Your Cabinets

One way or another, if you want to remodel your kitchen cheaply – look into updating your cabinets. You can replace them or simply paint and mount them with new hardware.

Your Flooring

Having nice countertops might please the eye, but it’s important to have flooring that keeps us all grounded – get it? The flooring in your kitchen has a unique property that can be different from what you have on the rest of the ground floo You can use anything from hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, or vinyl to make a difference, and it will certainly give your kitchen a facelifIf this all sounds extremely stressful for you – don’t worry. Our team of experts will make recommendations, so you don’t have to completely build out your new kitchen.
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