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There are more things involved with building an accessory dwelling unit than just creating an additional room in your home. Construction Remodeling in Bay Area specializes in planning and designing accessory dwelling units for Bay Area families. 

ADUs (accessory dwelling units) are extra dwelling places on a single-family lot. They are similar to a carriage house, in-law unit, or a granny flat positioned in the backyard. Accessory dwelling units may be small, but they’re legit living areas. Since they are freestanding property, they need all the utilities in the primary house. The following are things you need to provide when planning an ADU project:

  • Site work and landscaping
  • Structural Foundation work
  • Finishes and framing¬†

Construction Remodeling in Bay Area is here to help you design and build ADUs and other home additions. Whether you’d like to convert your garage or want to make a detached ADU, we’ve got the expertise and resources you need to make your dream a reality. We work hand-in-hand with you to understand your vision for the unit and offer all you need, from sub-consultants and sub-contractors to high-quality materials.¬†

Accessory Dwelling Units Services in Bay Area

ADUs are budget-friendly units created to increase family and guest dwellings. Our ADU design and building services make sure you create a living area that’s in line with your vision. We work closely with stakeholders, communicating progress and further clarifying our strategies and methods.¬†

Our construction experts will work with you right from the design stage to the final construction. We are all you need in the complete construction process; we will also handle the material sourcing and licensing. Construction Remodeling in Bay Area will streamline your ADU project by giving you a unified team of architects, designers, and builders. 

Before we even start working on the site, our focus is on your ADU project’s success. Construction Remodeling in Bay Area cultivates a collaborative, creative, and friendly environment because we know the importance of working together to create something unique. Our experts open their minds and hearts to deliver a unique and functional ADU that’ll exceed your expectations.¬†

We Meet All Rules and Regulations for An ADU

State laws and local ordinances affect your ADU project. Our state needs certain size, permit, and height specifications before one can construct an ADU. Construction Remodeling in Bay Area can assist you in navigating every relevant law and regulation when planning and designing the building of your ADU. 

We handle every licensing and get all the permits you require. With years of experience in the construction industry, we will surely provide thorough guidance to help you get your permit. 

Some other limitations are:

  • Parking
  • Entrance
  • Utilities
  • Fire safety

Types of ADUs

There are several varieties of ADUs. Depending on your project vision, needs, and property, one type of ADU may be more feasible compared to the other. Construction Remodeling in Bay Area will help you design and build ADU projects according to your desire. 

Below are some of the standard accessory dwelling units and their advantages:

  1. Detached ADU: They’re freestanding properties featuring their entrance and utilities.¬†
  2. Attached ADU: This type of ADU shares a wall with your primary home but has a separate entrance. You might share the utilities or make them independent. 
  3. Interior Conversion: The result of this conversion is a fully functional apartment area primarily situated in the basement. Even though it’s attached to your main property, you can make it exist independently.¬†
  4. Garage Conversion: This conversion can either be detached or attached. You transform the garage into an apartment area. 

No matter the vision you have, our experts will help you actualize it with our top-notch construction process. Our team is passionate, creative, and collaborative, which makes us offer our experience to make your unique project the best. 

Why Choose Construction Remodeling in Bay Area?

We’ve successfully built ADUs for people in Bay Area and its environs for years and have dedicated experts for every aspect of the project.¬†

We know the time to lead and the time to listen. Our partnership is based on mutual trust, and we help manage the whole new home process, so you’ll be able to rest well and immensely enjoy your ADU.¬†

The rising popularity of mother-in-law suites and granny flats has also resulted in an increase in the demand for quality and transparent design, construction, and jurisdictional navigation. 

We approach all new ADUs with a unique process created to remove the enormous complexity of building an extra home. 

Our Start to Finish Solutions

You have nothing to worry about anymore! You will be working hand-in-hand with the most reliable home developers soon. Our professionals are ready to give you a walk-through of the construction process for us to turn your vision into reality. 

Step 1: First Meeting 

Get to Know Your Project and Yourself 

All projects begin with a story ‚Äď what is yours? Call us now, and let us begin the discussion.¬†

Step 2: Design Stage

Creating design and choosing finishing options. 

After we’ve signed a design agreement, we start by reviewing your list of dreams, goals, and priorities for the project.¬†

As soon as we finalize all the designs and selections, we will present and review your budget, choices, and drawings. We’ll make sure that every proposed design conforms to all the requirements of the local building code.¬†

After that, our production team, estimator, designers, and trade partners will create a plan we can all follow to build your dream ADU. 

Step 3: Construction Stage

Bringing your vision to reality. 

We will hold a Pre-Construction Meeting to talk about expectations and logistics with you before we start constructing your project. 

Your project will end with a final inspection walk-through to make sure everything is done perfectly. 

Step 4: Project Finalization and Warranty 

We will do the finishing touches. 

As soon as we are done with the construction, we’ll finally walk through the area with you to reveal everything about your new elegant home. You only need to relax and enjoy your new ADU.¬†

One thing that makes us stand out from the rest is that even though we provide you with the best service, we still make sure it is budget-friendly. With this, you’ll not have to worry about the cost.¬†

Take your first step now so we can help you create your dream ADU. Reach out to us via phone or email directly!

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