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If you desire to have a patio or garden and don’t know how to get started, let’s help you with our landscaping service in Bay Area.

Would you like to improve the landscape of your property? Have you always dreamed of having a garden or patio but just don’t have the time? If your answer is yes to any of the questions, then we are here to help you at Construction Remodeling in Bay Area. We provide a wide array of landscaping services that we are sure will enhance the look of your land. An attractive landscape can increase your property’s value and improve the appeal of curbs. It’ll also tie in the whole property by matching the way your home exterior looks. Whether you’d like to use your small yard more efficiently or you want to transform the ample space, our experts are ready to help you. 


Why Go for Landscaping Services?

No matter how much fun you get while working in the yard, doing the landscaping project yourself is difficult. When you give the project to an expert landscaping service provider, there are several ways it can benefit you. Below are some reasons a professional landscaping service from Construction Remodeling in Bay Area is the best choice for your property. 

You will save time

An expert landscaper will handle every detail from the beginning to the end, so you do not have to get worried about missing any step. With this, you can save time in the long run as you’ll not need to go back to fix errors. Additionally, you’ll not need to squeeze out time from your hectic schedule to take care of any maintenance or installation because we will take care of that for you. 

Landscapers always have a plan

An expert landscaper always creates a plan before they begin your job, and this will help them transform your vision into reality. At Construction Remodeling in Bay Area, we’ll create an outline of your property, incorporate the desired landscape design onto the outline, and select the best plants for the climate and season, making sure that the styles and colors match. 

More energy-efficient 

Professional landscapers will know the best place to position trees, hardscapes, and shrubs to provide shade and also keep the entire property cool. This will have a positive impact on your overall cooling and heating costs. 


Increase value and curb appeal

A landscape that’s beautifully designed will undoubtedly have a positive effect on the value of a property. When there’s a welcoming design, visitors will be attracted, and this can help you in the long run when you decide to sell the property. 

Inspirational Landscape Design 

When we talk about the best landscape design, we talk about the one that’s planned beforehand and well-thought-out while paying attention to every little detail. This is one type of design you should expect to get at Construction Remodeling in Bay Area. We’ll help you in making a decision on the appropriate design for your home and lifestyle. We’ll work with everything we have, and that includes the climate and the condition of the yard. Some of the questions we will consider are:

  • Is the area mostly shade, or is it getting a lot of sunlight?
  • What are your plans for the yard? 
  • Do you have children or pets?
  • What’s the landscape design that’ll best complement your home? 
  • Do you enjoy caring for the yard and gardening, or do you want something that’s low maintenance? 
  • Would you like to have any hardscapes like lighting, fence, walkway, or patio?

After considering these questions, we’ll work with you to develop the appropriate landscape design. Below are some examples of the potential outcomes:

1. Oriental landscape

This is the type of landscape that includes an array of plants with unique properties. Landscapers also incorporate water, evergreens, and rocks into this design. 

2. Formal landscape

This one has geometrical shapes, straight lines, and symmetrical patterns with topiary designs. That’s an excellent option for homeowners who enjoy working in the yard, as this one needs upkeep. 

3. Informal landscape

Landscapers make use of soft shapes and curved edges for informal landscapes. Shrubs and plants are positioned in ways that look random. 

4. English garden

This is the garden that typically includes shrubs and perennials that match your home’s architecture. It also mostly integrates gazebos and bird baths into a garden. 


The architecture of landscaping incorporates engineering, environment, and art to develop a cohesive design. At Construction Remodeling in Bay Area, we’re delighted to say that our landscaping architects are experts in the field. Our aim is to select a design that will work perfectly with nature,  not against it, so we create unique landscapes for each property, and they’ll blend with every individual property and its environs. We do this by first considering the yard’s current plant life, the overall look of your property, and the climate. In landscape architecture, you have to consider three main elements, and they include:


  1. Line: This is used in carrying the eye in the entire landscaping process and to create flow and connectivity. 
  1. Form: They are the landscape shapes and can include shapes like the circle of the bushes and trees, the rectangles of the driveway and home, and many others. 
  1. Mass: This is the occupied space of the objects in the landscape, like the individual trees, planting beds, or the patio. 

When you consider these, we’ll create an appropriate landscape that’ll make you always happy to visit your outdoor living space. 


To get the best landscaping services in Bay Area, irrespective of your budget or style, we at Construction Remodeling in Bay Area can assist you in achieving your goal. Reach out to us by email, phone, or our contact form to know more about our service. We can even show you photographs of some of the projects we’ve done and offer you a no-obligation and free price quote. We’d like to hear what you have in mind, so contact us now!


Commercial Landscaping Services in Bay Area

We help with the landscaping in residential areas, and Construction Remodeling in Bay Area also offers landscape maintenance and service to commercial property owners. Some of the top services we provide for our commercial clients include shrub bed and tree planting, hydroseeding, hardscaping, and many more. 


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