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Windows are an important part of any house for many reasons: from adding to the appeal and value to saving on energy bills by using natural light efficiently. If you want these benefits for your house, it’s important to get the best person to help you install them properly.Construction Remodeling in San Ramon has been serving clients with window installation for several years. We stay true to our commitment to providing users with a combination of affordability, quality, and unmatchable customer service. Our installers thrive on offering the best quality products alongside exceptional service to both residential homeowners and building professionals in San Ramon and several places across broader locations. What drives us is completing all jobs perfectly and up to your personalized standards – nothing less will do! We will not rest until we reach this goal with your job; if you ask around, previous customers can attest that exceptional workmanship is very important to us (it sets us apart!) Plus, providing top-tier window installation services for people in San Ramon? No problem – our team has got this!

We Work With The Best

We work with the best manufacturers in the industry when it has to do with sourcing window products. You should expect our professionals to provide you with a wide array of window options, and they include pane choices, designs, and styles. We’ll find a perfect window to finish off your living area or replace the windows in your bedroom with triple-pane ones. Irrespective of your choice of windows, our team is able to get and install them. 

Perfect Window Replacement

The purpose of replacing the air inside the unit with argon gas is to replace your window while being more energy efficient by having less cold and hot transfer of air because argon is heavier than regular air.

Window Installation Process 

After our professionals are comfortable with receiving your comprehensive job explanation, they will commence with removing your antiquated windows. There is no need to panic as leaving behind any evidence of those eye-sores would be unthinkable–we will properly dispose of them for you post-haste! However, firstly, we must double check that everything is ship-shape by measuring the dimensions of the now empty space where the windows used to be; this step is vital in order to ensure that it is completely square and level.By following strict and comprehensive guidelines such as those for installing or replacing trim, applying metal flashing straps, using the proper amount of caulking to make sure you get a weatherproof seal, then using foam installation to plug the gaps between your window and its frame, we can install your window correctly.

Quality Inspection Post-Installation

Our goal is always to leave you happy with the work once we finish the installation, which is why we test everything before concluding the project. This way, you can be confident that your new, energy-efficient windows are in perfect working condition.

Total Post-Installation Cleanup

You can rest assured that our team will leave your home in good condition – we clean up every site we work, including the disposal and removal of old materials. If you’d like to keep your old windows, simply let our team know; we always try our best to preserve your property while installing new windows. This process may result in some minor damages, like:

  • Minor damage to the flower bed
  • Minor grout damage
  • Construction dust
  • Masks placed on siding finish
  • Small cracks on the drywall. 
Put your mind at ease–we will take care of all the arrangements and leave your surroundings looking great.

Top-Quality Materials for Windows Installation in Bay Area

Once we do our research and testing, we’ll figure out which products, materials, and brands will work best and provide superior quality. We only use premium-grade insulation, coils, caulk, and windows from top-notch brands to ensure excellent performance, a great look, and protection against the elements.

Security Systems

We can’t install new windows without first removing the window contacts if you want your security system to keep working.

After we complete work on your window, please reach out to your alarm supplier regarding re-installation of the contacts in order that your security system becomes functional once more.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

You may have some questions if you’ve never gotten someone to help you install a window before. We’ve answered lots of questions during our years of service; that’s why we made a FAQs section to give you answers to some of these questions.

What’s the cost of a windows installation service in Bay Area? 

Several factors will affect how much you pay to have a window installed, for example the complexity of the installation, how many windows are being installed, and what types of windows are involved.

What’s the duration of a window installation?

There are several things that will determine how much time it’ll take to install your windows, such as the weather conditions, how many windows you want installed, how complex the installation is, and what size windows you’re looking at. Once we know more details from you about your window installation idea, we can give you an accurate estimate.

What are the things I need to prepare for a window installation?

To get ready for our window installation services at your house, we request that you take down all curtains and coverings on your windows as well as move any furniture in the way out of the room. You don’t have to take down pictures or frames near the windows if you don’t want to, but it might help avoid accidents.

Will there be a mess after installing a window?

It is important to us that your home is left in the same condition (or better!) as when our contractors arrived. We train them well to avoid making any messes and if anything is left behind (dust, dirt, debris), we have a team who will take care of it right away.

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