Window Installation

You don’t have to sacrifice style for function when you use our top-notch windows installation service to improve your home’s value in Concord.
Although often overlooked, the windows in your home are very important. They can affect your home’s comfort, appeal, value, and energy costs.Window installation for several years has been served by us to clients while staying true to our commitment providing users a combination of affordability, quality, and unmatchable customer service is what we do; In addition, our Installers provide excellent services benefiting both Residential Homeowners and Building Professionals alike by offering top-quality products throughout Concord and many other locations!The thing that motivates us most is finishing every job excellently and in alignment with your one-of-a-kind specifications. Until we reach this goal with your job, we won’t be satisfied. If you ask any of our past customers, they’ll tell you that outstanding workmanship is important to us—it’s what makes us different than other companies like us. Plus, providing premium window installation service for people in Concord is something we’re more than capable of doing because of our amazing team and their skillset!

We Work With The Best

We work with the best manufacturers in the industry when it has to do with sourcing window products. You should expect our professionals to provide you with a wide array of window options, and they include pane choices, designs, and styles. We’ll find a perfect window to finish off your living area or replace the windows in your bedroom with triple-pane ones. Irrespective of your choice of windows, our team is able to get and install them. 

Perfect Window Replacement

By replacing the air inside the unit with argon gas, we will replace your window. Since argon is heavier, there will be less cold and hot air transference. In addition, argon provides more insulation and, paired with low-E coating, an energy-efficient window results.

Window Installation Process 

After our professionals are comfortable with your job details, they will be removing your old windows. You need not worry because we will not leave the old window panes around there; we will dispose of the panes for you. Once we have removed the old window system, we will measure the opening to ascertain that it is square and even.By strictly and comprehensively following guidelines like installing or replacing trim, applying metal flashing straps, using the proper amount of caulking to make sure you get a weatherproof seal, then using foam installation to plug the gaps between your window and its frame, we ensure your window is installed correctly.

Quality Inspection Post-Installation

As soon as we finish the installation, we will make sure that you are happy with the work and that all of your individualized needs have been met. We test our jobs before departing to guarantee that your newly installed energy-efficient windows are in perfect working order.

Total Post-Installation Cleanup

At Construction Remodeling In Concord, customer satisfaction is always our number one goal – one way to achieve this is by leaving homes exactly how (or better than!) how we found it. This includes a thorough clean-up of the job site as well as the disposal/removal of all old materials. However, if there are any existing windows that you would like to keep, just let us know and we’ll make sure they’re preserved during installation. This process may result in some minor damages, like:

  • Minor damage to the flower bed
  • Minor grout damage
  • Construction dust
  • Masks placed on siding finish
  • Small cracks on the drywall. 
We will handle everything and leave your property in top condition–you don’t have to stress.

Top-Quality Materials for Windows Installation in Bay Area

By researching and testing various options, we have been able to find the perfect combination of products, materials and brands that deliver superb quality results. Making use of premium grade insulation coils and caulk as well as choosing window installation products from only the best companies ensures excellent performance in terms of cosmetic appeal as well as waterproofing.

Security Systems

You must understand that in order for us to install new windows, we have to temporarily disable your security system by removing the window contacts.

Once we’re done with the window, you’ll have to have the alarm contacts reinstalled by reaching out to your alarm provider so that your security system can go back online.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

If you’re new to installing windows, you might have some questions. We’ve answered a lot of questions over the years; that’s why we created a FAQs section to give you answers to some of these questions.

What’s the cost of a windows installation service in Bay Area? 

There are numerous things that help us decide how much it’ll cost to have a window or multiple windows installed such as: how complex the installation is going to be, how many total windows need to be put in, and what type/sofwindow/s we’ll be using.

What’s the duration of a window installation?

In order to give an estimate for how long it would take to install your window(s), we need further information regarding complications such as difficulty level and size specifications in addition to already known variables such as weather conditions and desired number of installed windows.

What are the things I need to prepare for a window installation?

To ready your house for our window installation services, our contractor will request you to remove all curtains, coverings, blinds, or drapes from your windows. They’ll also ask you to relocate the furniture out of the area for easy access to the windows being replaced. You don’t need to remove any artwork or picture frames around the windows but can do so to avoid accidents.

Will there be a mess after installing a window?

You can rest assured knowing that our contractors will not make a mess while installing your windows. In fact, if there happens to be any dust, dirt, or debris afterwards, we have a team who will come in and clean it up so it looks like new.

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