Room Additions

If you want to give your family more space and privacy, as well as increase the value of your home, then you should consider adding an extra room onto it.

Room Addition

As your family starts multiplying, more of them might be appearing in your home. It may feel a little cramped, and the younger ones will need more personal space. If moving into a bigger home is not possible, then we might be of service to you and your family.

Making Your Home More Spacious

We offer a unique service that other remodeling agencies don’t – the ability to add an extra room while also making it feel like there’s more space in your house!If you have an extra room in your house, you can use it as a guest bedroom or playroom for kids. This will also make your home more captivating to home buyers. By taking the time to invest in an additional room now, you’re not only gaining extra living space but also increasing the chances for adding things like a pantry or office later on down the road! This makes for a great way to boost the sophistication of your home while still being able to personalize it with the help of those closest to you.

Add Another Luxurious Room to Your Home

You can’t just add a new room by throwing up an extra wall and some molding; you need cabinets, drawers & furniture too. Let us help you take your livable space & turn it into something luxurious while still being mindful of comfort & functionality.

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You don’t have to spend a lot of money to add extra rooms to your house and make it luxurious! With our help, we’ll provide consultations, designs, and execution of what you want and anything that you take from our recommendations. As a highly respected and well-known remodeling company in The Richmond, Construction Remodeling In Richmonds has become synonymous with excellence. Our award-winning team offers clients innovative design concepts’ expert craftsmanship’ and unmatched customer service – all within their desired price range. Create the room of your dreams by booking a meeting with us now – don’t waste any more time!
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