Room Additions

Adding an extra room to your house can give your family members the space and privacy they need, while also increasing the value of the home.

Room Addition

With your family expanding, more of them might start living with you. It may feel snug, and the little ones will require extra personal space. If moving into a bigger house is out of the question, then our company could assist you and your clan.

Making Your Home More Spacious

While other remodeling agencies only add an extra room, we’re able to do that plus make your home feel larger. An unused room can become a guest bedroom or any type of storage space. Additionally, this will help make your home look better to buyers who are parents. When it comes down to it, investing in an additional room has plenty of different benefits that are worth taking into consideration! Not only will you gain some extra living space but also potentially have features like a pantry or office depending on how you want to design it all – perfect for adding another level of sophistication to stand out from the rest!

Add Another Luxurious Room to Your Home

More than just an additional wall & moldings are needed when adding a new room; also consider cabinets, drawers & furnishings. Our goal is to turn any livable space into something luxurious while improving its activities & functionality for comfortability.

Hire The Most Professional Contracting Team in the Bay Area

Additions to your home can be luxurious without being expensive– let us help! Our consultations include discussing what you want and providing designs and execution based off of your recommendations. Construction Remodeling In Martinezs has established itself as one of the premier remodeling companies in part due to its unrivaled ability to take customers homes from design concept to beautifully executed reality – all while adhering stringently to budgetary constraints. Our team of highly trained professionals work tirelessly to ensure each project meets or exceeds expectations in terms of design aesthetics and function without breaking the bank. Stop dreaming about the perfect room, and book a meeting with us to make it happen – you won’t regret it, and you won’t have wasted any more time either!
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