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Looking to beautify your flooring? Install a new hardwood floor by contacting us for hardwood flooring service in Bay Area.

If you’d like to restore or install hardwood floors in Bay Area, then we are the best bet for you. We help provide the best hardwood flooring services designed to provide your commercial and residential areas with the best value they can get. Our services are:

  • Hardwood floor repairs
  • Hardwood floor installation
  • Hardwood floor refinishing
  • Hardwood floor reconditioning or recoating¬†

Every service we provide is done by flooring professionals who specialize in the on-site wood coating, staining, and sanding. They have dedicated years of focus to learning how they can consistently achieve impressive results in a cost-efficient and timely manner without the need to sacrifice quality. 


Our experts have a thorough knowledge of every aspect of wood flooring and provide their expertise to clients in Bay Area so they can make the best decisions for their floors. When it has to do with new installations, our clients can choose from flooring samples of the leading manufacturers in the industry that rhyme with the decor and style of their property. We will also give them a walk-through of the advantages and disadvantages of their chosen wood flooring option (for example, engineered vs. solid wood, unfinished or factory-finished wood, and so on.) When it has to do with restoring your existing hardwood floor, we will assess the floor condition to determine if the floor needs simple reconditioning or recoating or needs total refinishing (buffing, sanding, and finishing). There are some cases whereby our Bay Area customers only require some boards replaced, but it’ll be necessary to sand and finish them to make sure that the added wood blends in with others on the floor. In all cases, we’ll give you expert and honest recommendations and also allow our clients to decide what they want.¬†


Let’s Help you Restore your Worn or Old Hardwood Floors in Bay Area¬†

When it has to do with hardwood floor refinishing and restoration, you’ll not find anybody in Bay Area who will do it better than us. We’ve been coating and sanding unfinished wood floors in Bay Area for years and successfully restore every type of commercial or residential wood flooring, which includes those you see in houses built before the 1950s, retail stores, offices, senior homes, restaurants, gymnasiums, and so on. A top-notch restoration can remove almost all scratches, stains, and all other superficial damages; revive the condition and color of the wood, and give your wood floor protection against wear and tear. With our service, not only will you get the best result, but you’ll also get an affordable price, time-efficient service, and a warranty on every labor. Reach out to us now and schedule a consultation with one of our flooring professionals. Our professionals are responsible for accessing your floors, determining if the best way of restoring your hardwood floor is to refinish it, and we also provide an estimate upfront.¬†


Hardwood Floor Recoating Service in Bay Area

Construction Remodeling in Bay Area can maintain and protect your hardwood floors in Bay Area with expert recoating services. Our experts are equipped with years of experience recoating hardwood floors, and they know the best application methods, and protective finishes to preserve life and revive the look of your floor. Our hardwood floor recoating service involves deep cleaning and screening of your floor to prepare it, then we’ll evenly apply the new topcoat. We will get the finishes from the best company so it can last long. When you work with us, you’ll be sure that the more protective coat on your hardwood floor will serve your needs alongside your personal aesthetics. Reach out to us now so we can discuss the recoating of your floors. We provide competitive prices, and we mostly finish recoating your floors within one day.¬†


Hardwood Flooring Repairs in Bay Area

Construction Remodeling in Bay Area is the first choice of people living in Bay Area for hardwood floor repairs. We provide the best quality repairs, we’ve completed jobs of all sizes successfully, and we charge competitive and fair rates; that’s the reason the people of Bay Area choose us over other Bay Area hardwood flooring contractors for their entire floor restoration and repair needs. Our hardwood floor restoration and repair services are from the minor ones like chip and scratch removal to the major ones like comprehensive refinishing and board replacement. We can also help replace the whole floor if the wood has been significantly damaged as a result of termite infestation, fire, or flooding. Reach it to us now and have one of our professionals visit your Bay Area property. They’ll determine the extent and cause of your damage, then give you an estimate on what they recommend for the repairs of your floors.¬†


Wood Floor Sourcing and Installation Services in Bay Area

Construction Remodeling in Bay Area provides commercial and residential clients in Bay Area with affordable and high-quality hardwood floor sourcing and installation services. We have a team of flooring experts that has sourced and installed hardwood for several floors in the Bay Area, which include stairs, dance floors, basketball and gym floors, living room floors, and more. We customize them to meet the aesthetic preferences and functional needs of each client. 


Carpeted Stairs to Hardwood Conversion 

There are a lot of advantages of installing hardwood on your Bay Area stairs. The benefits include exuding elegance and warmth, lasting a lifetime, they’re made to endure hassle foot traffic, and they also add value to your property. When you work with the hardwood experts at Construction Remodeling in Bay Area, we will help with the cutting, staining, and finishing of your stairs to get your desired look or maybe your existing floor design, irrespective of how old they are. We basically work with unfinished wood; we’ll provide our clients in Bay Area with the best flexibility when it has to do with their stairs customization. In addition, we can achieve great results because we cut every wood board to its individual riser and tread, and we give enough time for drying while applying the stains and finishes. Additionally, with regular maintenance and ongoing care, like refinishing and recoating, we can make sure your hardwood remains the best ever after years of usage.¬†


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