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Make your dream house a reality. Let’s help you build that dream home of yours. We provide custom home building service in Bay Area.

Building of a Fully Custom Home

There are several factors that turn your house into your dream home – the laughter of family and friends having barbecues in your garden, the smell of freshly baked croissants coming from your kitchen, and the sounds of the feet of your children running down the stairs. 


At Construction Remodeling in Bay Area, our mission is to help build your dream house where everything can happen. Via the custom home building service we provide, we turn your new home ideas into a reality. 


We’re proud to say that we are always custom in all aspects of our work – we know that’s the key to developing excellent custom luxury homes. This allows us to also build a property that ticks every box for you; with this, you’ll surely love all aspects of your new home in the Bay Area. 


It’s understandable that customers might have a change of mind sometimes while we are building the home. For instance, sometimes, what you’ve chosen may have a particular look on paper and is totally different when you see it in reality, so you might need to make some specific changes to get a result you’re happy with. 


You might also change your mind about what you’ve selected while we are still planning. Do you want to move a particular wall over after framing? Some builders will say that they can’t do it or it is too late, but we will ensure it happens because your happiness is our utmost priority. 


While working with us, you’re as involved in the process of constriction as you’d like to be. If you want to choose some things and leave us to handle the rest, we’ll take care of all other things. If you’d like to be on the site of the job daily, we’ll be glad to have you there. 


Who Are We?

Construction Remodeling in Bay Area is one of the top custom home builders in the Bay Area. We’ve been developing custom homes for years, and because of our vast experience, we know our area, our trade, and our clients best compared to other companies. 


Construction Remodeling in Bay Area constructs residential projects and creates innovative custom designs. We also undertake several home renovation projects – we’re a licensed master remodeler and builder. Since we’re involved in every aspect of home building, it gives us a better understanding of the whole process. 


Every client we work with always gives us the best feedback and comes back for more services from us because they trust us and know our services are of the best quality. We do not only build homes; we also establish long-lasting relationships with every client that works with us. 


No matter the complexity and size of your project, we aren’t satisfied until our customer is. Our priority is to see that big smile on your face as soon as we are done with the job. With that, we will know that you’re satisfied with the job we did. 


Our team members act as one family; that’s how we are able to work together as one to achieve one goal, which is to build your dream custom house. Every subcontractor we work with has been with us for years, and this makes all the projects we do run smoothly. 


Steps to Building Your Custom Home

When you hire Construction Remodeling in Bay Area to help you build your new custom home in Bay Area, here are the steps we follow:


Step 1: We start by first having a meeting where you’ll tell us your requirements and ideas, your desired square footage, your budget, and many more. 


Step 2: This is where you’ll meet our designer, and the person will help you put your desired home on paper. We can provide a detailed cost analysis for your project based on our first meeting and the plans that our designer drew, then make the needed adjustment. As soon as you’re happy with the plans, you’ll choose the one you want, and we’ll start construction. 


And yes, you can make any changes even after we’ve started the construction – we aren’t satisfied until we are sure that our clients are satisfied. We will take care of everything from the beginning to the end. We manage everything like permitting, making sure we meet applicable codes, architectural plans and designs, sub-contractor and project management, value engineering, and also some circumstances such as annexation. 


We will help you with everything we’ve talked about and more. All you need to do is take the first step, and we will take it from there. Click here to reach out to us now so we can help you with your custom home building needs. Not only can you reach us online, but you can also visit our office, and our experts will attend to you as soon as possible. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

Due to our years of experience, we know the type of questions customers ask before deciding to start their project. We have listed the questions and provided relevant answers to those questions. They include:


What’s the cost of a 3,000 square footage house? 

Everything depends on the materials we use to help you build the house. Two houses of 3,000 square feet with the same floor plan can have very much different costs, which is determined by the selections and finishes of the home. 


What’s the timeframe for building a custom house?

The time it takes to build a new house is between eight and twelve months. Construction Remodeling in Bay Area team of experts has several years of experience building custom homes; that’s the reason we can tackle all issues that might come up faster compared to other custom home builders. 


What’s the cost of contracting a custom home builder?

We assess this on a per-project basis because several factors influence the cost of working with a residential contractor. Nevertheless, when you contract Construction Remodeling in Bay Area, you can be assured that we’ll always make sure to consider your budget. 


Reach out to us now to talk about your custom home needs, and you’ll surely get the best service!

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